Goal Examples

There are many examples throughout one's own life that you may have already set a goal or goals without even knowing you were doing it.

For example, you learned to skate starting from not knowing what you were doing, or how to do it, but you were determined to be able to skate. Thus, your goal was to learn how to skate and your action plan was to keep practicing over and over again.

As part of goal setting, besides actions to take, is also setting targets that must be accomplished by a certain date. In this example, you may have decided that your actions of practicing skating would happen every weekend for the duration of the skating season.

The crucial element in setting goals is that they must be your very own. This means that you do not set a goal because it appears to be the in thing to do at this time like be involved in a certain career, or to become a guitar or piano player when you have no desire, or to take on a role that you absolutely just hate.

It is not a matter of entering into a personal choice because you have been told that this is the way you should craft your life. This also applies to your friends as well that want you to do somethign that you really have little or no interest in doing. Often, this applies more to the teenage years because of peer pressure, but also applies to adults who have little or no strong self-image.

Let's look at people around you for real life examples of those who set their goals without subjecting themselves to what other people wanted. These people may be your own parents, or some of your friends, neighbours, or some of your work colleagues. All you need to do is to ask them in a private conversation why they do what they do now, how they decided, and whi, if anyone, influenced them, or pushed them in a certain direction.

Take for example your family doctor. The next time you have to visit the doctor, ask them why they became a doctor. I believe you will be surprised at their answer.

Or, ask a garage mechanic you know, or a librarian, or a bus driver you know. Each one of these people will have a story to tell that will give you a lot of valuable information.

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